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Partner Programs

CPU Boards is constantly seeking strategic partnerships that promote mutual growth and profitability. CPU Boards provides to its partners a global reach of prospects and opportunities that is second to none in the industry. The traditional distribution model is changing, presenting problems and opportunities to manufacturers and resellers. CPU Boards recognizes this paradigm shift and has engaged with like-minded companies to bridge the gap between the factory floor and the end user.

Reseller Program

CPU Boards is committed to providing its reseller partners with profitable opportunities and a wide array of resources that include technical support, pre-sales engineering and data interchange services. Reselling partners have access to real-time pricing and availability information, knowledgeable system engineers for project collaborations, and special financing and term options. To become a reselling partner, sign up below.

Manufacturer Program

Expand your market reach by partnering with VoxTechnologies, one of the leading technology sales and marketing companies. CPU Boards sales professionals and engineers are experts in prospecting and developing new markets and opportunities. Product knowledge, training and certifications are invested heavily in to ensure continued success and to stay abreast of emerging technologies.