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Intel D820LP CPU Board - 820 Chipset Based Desktop Motherboard

Quick Specs

Board Form ATX
Manufacturer INTEL
System Chipset Intel 82820
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Product Features

  • Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) Video
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse (NOT included)
  • Intel 82801AA I/O Controller Hub (ICH)
  • 12.0 x 8.2-inches Full Size Version
  • Game Port
  • One diskette drive interface (Floppy drive NOT included)
  • Intel Pentium III 533 - 933 MHz
  • Intel 82820 Memory Controller Hub (MCH) with AHA (Accelerated Hub Architecture)
  • Support for up to 512 MB system memory
  • Two IDE interfaces with Ultra DMA and ATA-66 support
  • Two RDRAM (Rambus DRAM) RIMM slots for memory
  • Two Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports
  • Socket 370 FC-PGA
  • Intel 82802AB 4 Mbit Firmware Hub (FWH)
  • One parallel port
  • LPC47M102 SIO low pin count (LPC) interface I/O controller
  • Two serial ports
  • AGP universal connector supporting 1X, 2X, and 4X AGP cards

Full Product Specifications

Board Form ATX
Manufacturer INTEL
Processor Intel Pentium III
System Chipset Intel 82820

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